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Referral Partners


liz robinson yoga.png

Liz Robinson

Yoga Instructor

Liz has over 1,000 hours of yoga and meditation training and is a certified personal trainer. She has been teaching since 2017.
She is a mother, Buddhist and believes in honoring yoga as a lifestyle.

Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Haylee

Dr. Haylee Nye


Dr. Haylee is a licensed naturopathic physician and nutritionist specializing in women’s health at all stages of life and practice at Synergy Women’s Health Care in Portland, Oregon. Her mission is to give women the solutions they need to treat their health issues in the most effective, least invasive way possible. She works with clients through comprehensive health evaluation to understand the root cause of any issue and then create well-rounded individualized care strategies. The goal is optimal and sustainable health and wellness.


clear hear acupuncture.png

Kelly Baucum, LAC

Clear Heart Acupuncture

Kelly Baucum practices a gentle, grounded and centered treatment style of acupuncture, focusing on calming the mind and the body. This baseline calm is an essential starting point for treating any disease. She offers a variety of Chinese Medicine modalities, including Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Massage, and Chinese Herbs.

Energy Medicine


Quiana Grace Frost

Yoga Teacher & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Quiana successfully helps her clients to move beyond the unconscious limitations blocking their success, so they can fully thrive in their lives and in their business. With her extensive experience as a solo entrepreneur, a co-director of a multinational organization, and with in-depth business and life coaching training, she’s skilled in the art of tracking for the pivotal shifts needed.

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