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Success Stories


Nathalie F.

I’m so glad I decided to work with Hillary, her wisdom runs deep and she is very attuned and intuitive. She really listens and makes room for me to discern where I’m at and where I long to be. She is gentle and supportive while guiding me confidently as she knows the terrain well. 


With Hillary I am learning to be more gentle and loving with myself, to trust the healing process, to make space for my deep longings, to honor my desires, and to invite more pleasure in my life. 


Her support during the fall detox was invaluable; I was able to go deep in a safe and stress-free way as I knew that I could trust her knowledge and wisdom to guide me safely. 


Hillary provides comprehensive recommendations that encompass foods, herbs, essential oils, exercise, pranayama, as well as practices for the subtle body. 


I look forward to wherever our work together will take me next. 


Britt K.

I wanted to up level my connection with my body and Hillary was the resource I’d been looking for. I’ve been on a health journey for the past year, deepening my ability to listen and give my body what she needs to thrive… and then I hit a plateau. 

I wasn’t sure what else to do, and I didn’t know how to create the harmonious energy I desired. Working with Hillary, I’ve learned how to move from just being able to hear my body, to enabling supportive changes that have allowed my body to soar! 

My sleeping, eating and most importantly waste removals systems are elated with the changes. Yes she’s helped me poop regularly, and this has been a lifelong challenge. I’ve been able to release a lot that wasn’t serving me and implemented nourishing, sustainable habits.

I cannot say enough about Hillary’s enthusiastic and kind heart. She listens, she asks deep questions to get to the source of the problem, not just treating the symptoms. Deciding to work with her has been one of the greatest gifts to my soul and by extension my family, my art, my community. Do it immediately if not sooner!


Lisset K.

Working with Hillary over these past three months has rewired my brain to be in harmony with my body. It’s been a gentle and enlightening journey to understanding how to work with the natural rhythms and cycles of nature as well as my own internal cycles. I have found more peace and stillness within, which has had a profound effect on my external life


My work life has been flowing easier since working with her! She’s been able to help me process unresolved trauma. She also referred me to a functional patterns therapist to assist me in chronic pain I’d been dealing with for 24 years. I’ve never had so much internal and external support in my healing journey!


Hillary is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. I couldn’t recommend her enough for a holistic approach to health. If you’re thinking of working with her, just do it! You’ll be happy you made this choice for your body and your life!


Angie L.

Hillary is such an amazing guide! She holds a sacred view of the universe that fully supports my body, mind and spirit work and is just what I needed to progress. I had never studied or done any work in Ayurveda, and she made it fun and easy to learn and incorporate into my daily living.


She brought a practical and deep practice in every area that was coming up for me, and her ability to look holistically and also share very specific actions is a real gift.


I have a fundamentally different view of food now, thanks to her cleansing workshop. And I highly recommend spending at least a full season working with Hillary as I did. It helped attune me to the natural rhythms of living and experiencing how it all works together with sometimes the simplest of shifts. From breath reminders to herbs, scent explorations, evening rituals, and so much more, I now have a more grounded practice to heal and grow.

20211202_193612_2 (1).jpg

Kat A.

For many years I've been struggling with bloating, overeating and knowing I really need to meditate. I have been studying health and  nutrition for practically my whole entire adult life. Hillary takes it to a whole other level! 


We don't know what we don't know. Hillary's knowledge is vast, it goes beyond just the physical. She addresses the whole body physically, mentally, spiritually and even our environment.


Hillary holds space and gives support for great and deep transformation. Her knowledge is truly phenomenal. At 63 I feel just as if not more vibrant than I was it was in my thirties. Hillary is worth every cent!  I love that little sparkly being!


Suzie G.

It 's difficult to find the words to express how profoundly Hillary has helped me work through past trauma and start living a much healthier, vibrant life. Hillary has been helping me for about eight months now, and because of her kind, intelligent, and knowledgeable wisdom, I have hope now. She has a deep intuition about how the WHOLE body works, and is able to apply this wisdom to each client individually, and she has years of professional education and training to back it up.


Each time I take one of her classes I learn new material about food, habits, and am able to go deeper with my self-care and get in touch with the inner intelligence of my body. She has a way of tapping into the root cause of my symptoms that sometimes leads to emotional experiences from long ago.


This has helped me more than any other type of therapy has. I am so happy that I found her and am currently enrolled in her year-round class offerings. I highly recommend her without hesitation.

Jordan Cohen.jpg

Jordan C.

Hillary is otherworldly. I feel like words don’t even come close to expressing how much she has helped me. Emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Her wisdom comes from deep within and long long ago.

I’m very particular with whom I let support me, and she is one of the few that can actually hold such a beautiful clean, clear, neutral space with the most profound listening, attunement, and advice.


I don’t know where I’d be without her. She is a natural healer but also has years of schooling and experience to back her up, including being so knowledgeable with herbs, food protocols, and Ayurvedic healing.


Katherine L.

I LOVED the course so much. It was seriously the highlight of my week and I just loved having something to look forward to on Monday nights :)

Before the course, I realized some of my daily habits weren't great for my well-being. I felt as though I walked away from the lessons with tools to be more intentional in the decisions I make.

Simple tricks like slowing down when I am eating, or incorporating more foods that are best for my type have helped me feel more connected to my body and health. The course is such a wonderful holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle that is easy to understand and even easier to adapt. 


Lily F.

I can't express to you how much Hillary's support and knowledge has helped me since we began working together. I always leave feeling so inspired and rejuvenated. I am just so grateful! 

jessie fresh.jpg

Jessica M.

I was experiencing fiery/hot indigestion and an uncomfortable pain in my stomach that persisted for months. It made me feel extra emotional and sensitive, due to the constant discomfort. I also felt uncomfortable during intimacy with my partner, which made me feel really sad. 

Hillary helped me understand what was going on, and helped me with lifestyle shifts, habit changes, nutrition, eating tips, and the right spices to use. After working with her, I no longer have that hot indigestion. I'm feeling more emotionally stable now that it's gone, and I'm able to make more informed decisions and clear choices with foods that are right for me

I have more energy than I've had in a long time, and I can connect more joyfully and intimately with my partner now that the discomfort and agitation is gone.


Teresa T.

Before our paths crossed in 2013, I knew nothing of Ayurveda and was trying to navigate my own personal healing with Lyme Disease. Hillary was an instrumental system of support and wisdom for me. Over the course of a year and a half, I saw dramatic results and improvements in my health.


Fast forward 2 years later and I feel better than I have in years. What Ayurveda has taught me is a series of tools creating balance in my life and ultimately creating an environment where my body can heal itself and regain its vitality. If you're thinking about pursuing Ayurveda and are looking for a guide, I couldn't recommend anyone better than Hillary. She brings a deep passion and commitment to those she works with and is simply an incredible wealth of wisdom and support. 


Genna M.

Going to Hillary was one of my favorite decisions I've made for myself. It felt so clear from the beginning how much she cared about my body and mind, as well as helping me make healthy and sustainable life adjustments. Her attention to detail made me feel so seen, and in the vulnerable moments of sharing information about myself, she met me with an open and affirming attitude. I love that she invests herself in her patients and is dedicated to learning more and more about Ayurveda every day.

Image by Annie Spratt

Brinn L.

Working with Hillary has been great. She's so open and welcoming that it made me feel comfortable opening up. She's very resourceful and great with her professional communication as well. I highly recommend working with her!


Image by Annie Spratt

Ty O.

Hillary started me on an Ayurvedic program by first determining my Dosha and then working from there.  We adjusted my diet and started on a regime of yoga and lifestyle changes.  I gained much insight into myself, how to rethink my being, and was able to progress to a deeper state of health.  I am doing well now and feeling much better than I did before I started my Ayurvedic programs.  Hillary was extremely instrumental in getting me on the path to good health and well being.

Image by Blanca Paloma Sánchez

Laurie S.

My gratitude overflows when I think of all that Hillary shared with me during my Pancha Karma retreat--through her loving hands, spirit, and full heart.  Her radiating joy is penetrating, and I am changed by the experience.

Green Plant

Gary J.

I worked closely with Hillary during our tenure at the California College of Ayurveda together.

Hillary is a dedicated hard worker who sees projects through. She is intelligent, creative, and respectful. She listens well and knows how to motivate and inspire those around her into greater health and wellbeing. 

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