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Ayurveda 101: Know Yourself, Heal Yourself

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Welcome to Ayurveda 101: Know Yourself, Heal Yourself! Each week we'll cover an essential topic of Ayurvedic health and wellness, paired with corresponding practices, so the theory can be implemented into your daily life. It's a fun, tactile, and tantalizing journey through your body, mind, and senses. This program is specifically designed to reduce overwhelm and help you focus on the practices that will support you in harmonizing with the seasons. You’ll learn practices to improve your energy, sleep, digestion and get you grounded in your body. WEEK 1: Knowing Your Dosha - understanding your mind-body type.​ WEEK 2: Understanding the elements & their qualities (inside of you and outside of you).​ WEEK 3: Digestion, nutrition & diet, herbs, spices, healthy eating principles​. WEEK 4: Integration, discussion, support. WEEK 5: Hydration, your lymphatic system, self massage, self care practices. ​ WEEK 6: Sleep & energy, understanding the Ayurvedic clock​. WEEK 7: Chakras, glands, emotions, & breath practices (pranayama). ​ WEEK 8: Review, integration, discussion, support, closing. RESULTS: -Improved energy (to do the things you're passionate about) -Deeper hydration (for a juicy body & happy cells) -Clearer, softer, more supple skin -Knowing the best foods & spices for your mind-body type -Improved digestion (a happier belly!) -Deeper, more restful sleep -More graceful emotions (knowing how to work with your feelings when they arise)

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